Illy & Manu are both Italians living in Verona, a beautiful town located in the North-East, not far from Venice and from Milan. Verona is the town of love, the town of Romeo and Juliet…
Young, enthusiast and curious Illy & Manu love Italy, Italian art, Italian food and wine, design, contemporary art, music, sports. They also love travelling abroad, discovering other cultures, including food and wines from all over the world.
When they travel, both in Italy or abroad, Illy & Manu try first of all to catch the “mood” of a place, to get deep into the way of life of local people.
When they come back home, they unconsciously (or maybe very consciously) adapt their lifestyle, adding every time something new.
For example, when cooking at home, the certainly cook Italian, but with the fusion of flavours and spices of other places. The result is usually very tasty and original!
The reason of this blog is that Illy & Manu one day decided they wanted to share with other friends their lifestyle, their experiences, the pleasure of living in Italy and of travelling around the world.