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Modular home interiors

When the cold season approaches I usually give more attention to home interiors.
I buy magazines, I visit websites and start fantasizing about a different home interior, more specifically dedicated to the cosy days at home during winter months. I’m not talking about Christmas, because, although I love this time of the year, I prefer very sober decoration, as our apartment is not too big and I don’t like to overload it. So in that period I will decorate a big nut-tree branch with some white and silver. I’ll post a picture within few weeks.
On the other side, for the winter period I would like to transform our apartment into a more Nordic style, with different lightening and colours. The main colour in our home is ivory white, with some notes of colour, like for example bright pink pillows on the coach, a coloured Persian carpet with notes of blue, pink, yellow: the main impression is bright and sunny, also because of our big windows.

Now that the sun is pale and the days are shorter (and sometimes misty or rainy…) I would rather prefer beige or cream colour accessories, in a burgundy style, like for example the home interiors proposed by Flamant.
I know it seems quite strange, but I would really love to have a kind of modular home interiors.
For example, let’s leave the main furniture like it is: our ivory white coach, wooden table and chairs, etc.
But then replacing the white silk curtains with others in a more golden beige colour, or why not, a dramatically different purple colour! Our carpet could be replaced by a more modern one with neutral colour patterns. Also changing shade colour to the lamps can make a big difference.
My idea would be to have a kind of wardrobe for our house, with a range of interchangeable accessories that can be easily stored and replaced from time to time.
In this way, I could change our home decoration following my mood and depending on the season!

Our pet during house cleaning

Day by day I’m impressed by our Carthusian cat. Every day we discover new features of its character and its attitudes. In this short thought about Matisse, I want to show you its position during Illy’s house cleaning (I help Illy too, I swear it). The cat searches a safe place to stay during this chaotic moment and it often hides in strange places. For examples this:

matisse during house cleaning

Holy Prosecco

Being invited to a crowded birthday party is always an honour, but not always a favour.
Manu and I have been recently invited to the 40th birthday party of my cousin, a great fellow, nice and clever person, but unfortunately we meet more or less only twice a year.
Being invited to his party means arriving to a place where you maybe know someone: your other cousin who is already incredibly busy going around in an intense PR activity. Your uncle, who will be talking about his last hunting trip in Bosnia. Your aunt’s sister who is trying to have an intellectual conversation about the benefits of wine for an artistic exploit.
Then you also know those guys that used to play volleyball with your cousin when they were 17 and you were a only a shy 14-years-old girl. You recognize them despite their baldness or their overweight, but you absolutely don’t remember their name. They absolutely don’t remember you of course, so half of the conversation is like “I’m P.’s cousin, do you remember…” “Oh.. sure! Nice to see you! How are you?” “I’m doing fine and you?” “I’m also fine… Oh – sorry – need to say hello to…” and while they turn their back to greet an old friend with a big hug, you stay there like an idiot, turning around your eyes, looking for a reason to be there at all.
That’s why after less than five minutes Manu and I turned our attention to the rich buffet.
“Let’s have some Prosecco”
“Good idea”
“Mmm, it’s a very good one, I like it”
“I like these cheeselets”
“Oh, and did you taste these mini-pizzas? They are delicious…”
With the glass in our hands we went also to the garden, admiring those marvellous trees.
Then we kept each other busy with the story of my family (now he had some living examples to admire).
Very quickly our glasses were empty again.
After five or six approaches to the buffet and consequent refillings of Prosecco we were tipsy enough to have a perfect nonsense conversation, having a lot of fun together, as a couple of friends that hadn’t met for years… Holy Prosecco!

The right moment to uncork

Uncork a bottle is a special moment and people in the world uncork in many different situations and moments during a day or a night. If someone is a little alcoholic he will uncork a bottle for breakfast…. but in other cases, every moment of the day is right. As a drink before lunch or dinner, or during a meal, or for a meditation in the evening with Amarone for example. Usually Illy and I uncork the bottle preparing dinner. In this moment while enjoying cooking, we take some time to uncork the bottle.