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Valpolicella Valpantena

I want to continue my description of Valpolicella Wine with a Valpolicella Superiore produced in Valpantena. It is a valley in the region of Valpolicella but outside the border of Valpolicella Classica, the authentic region. We can distinguish it from the label, the word “Classico” is not mentioned.
This wine is so good, the smell is fruit flavoured and the taste too. I’ll compare this wine, in a future post, with the same nomination of the Valpolicella Classica region. I’m expecting a totally different wine. In fact Valpantena is another valley at north of Verona and the sun, the structure of the hills and the ground produce a microclimate very different than Valpolicella Classica region.
In conclusion, many types of Valpolicella are produced here in Verona and in each valley they are very different to the others.

In Valpantena valley there are many wineries, the most important are Bertani and Pasqua.

Valpolicella Superiore Valpantena

Valpolicella without label

The people who live in a wine region are very lucky, because it is possible to buy wine, Valpolicella wine in our case, without label, without marketing but however good. Twice a year I make a wine tour with my friends and the goal is to discover a small or new producer who produces Valpolicella selling it also without label. We taste the wine and if we like it, we take it. Essentially, the difference is in the presentation: with a label the bottle looks better, but if we forget this small detail, we find in our glasses the same wine, with the same colour and the same smell. Furthermore, we have an economic saving.

Valpolicella Wine

Yes I know, for the experts this could seem a bad thing, but I appreciate first of all the wine…not only its packaging.

Valpolicella wines and region map

Valpolicella is the main wine of our region. We are very lucky to live here, nearby vineyards of Molinara, Corvina and Rondinella. These are the grapes that blended togheter make not only Valpolicella but also other important wines as Amarone, Recioto and Bardolino.
The last 50 years were very important for our wines. Good entrepreneurs, quality and many varieties of wines together with a good marketing are the recipe of this success. In fact, Valpolicella today is known in many countries in the world.
There are many kinds of wines produced in the Valpolicella region. The most important is Amarone, the others are Valpolicella classico, Valpolicella Superiore and Recioto, a sweet wine.
Below you can see the map of Valpolicella. It is extended from North-West to the Eastern part of Verona. The “Valpolicella Classico” denomination is only in the North-West part as indicated in the map.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

There are many producers of Valpolicella and in the next months we’ll present you some of them.

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White Bourgogne, Wine produced by Louis Latour

Last Saturday we drunk a second bottle that we brought with us from our holiday in France. The first we opened was Champagne Godart and this one was a Bourgogne white wine. The wines of that region impressed us because the smell and the taste of their Chardonnay are so good. Maybe because of the territory, the climate and the ground together with their winemaking technique. Before uncorking the bottle I tried to do a little presentation with glasses and corkscrew.


We bought this wine after a tasting in Louis Latour. This company produces this wine and many other Bourgogne white and red wines, in my opinion its white wines are delicious. This bottle white Bourgogne “Poully Vinzelles” bottled in Beaune by Louis Latour has accompanied a slice of salmon for our gourmet dinner of last Saturday.