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The right moment to uncork

Uncork a bottle is a special moment and people in the world uncork in many different situations and moments during a day or a night. If someone is a little alcoholic he will uncork a bottle for breakfast…. but in other cases, every moment of the day is right. As a drink before lunch or dinner, or during a meal, or for a meditation in the evening with Amarone for example. Usually Illy and I uncork the bottle preparing dinner. In this moment while enjoying cooking, we take some time to uncork the bottle.


Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, italian red wine

Yesterday night we drunk an italian red wine produced in a region at the North-East of Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is not so far from Venice and it is a little region with many interesting products, prosciutto crudo San Daniele (ham) for example. Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, produced by Santa Margherita, is one of the most important wines in that region. Other wines are pinot, chardonnay, tocai. The name is a little strange but the grape is Refosco. In botany the peduncle is a stem, red in this case. The wine is not so strong, berry fruits is its main flavour.

Refosco dal peduncolo rosso

Venice Florence and Milan? Just a couple of hours

I want to do a remark about the place where Illy and I live, Verona. It is a wonderful city of Romeo and Juliet but it is also in a strategic position in Italy. We could reach three of the most important cities of the world in a couple of hours or less. Venice is 100 Km away and just in an hour it is possible to see a gondola.
We have a few kilometres more to reach Milan, 150 more or less but almost completely on highway it means that fashion and AC Milan are near too. The last but not least is Florence, oh my god! 250 kilometres are an infinity. It’s a joke, in 2 hours and half we could arrive there to visit many monuments and masterpieces that marked our history. It’s also the place where our language, Italian, was born.
Three cities, three special atmospheres closed to our home. Yes I know, Verona is located in a perfect position, almost in the hearth of Italy if you look at the map.

Verona in the heart of Italy

I’ve just anticipated our autumn trips, follow us.

Valpolicella, harvest time

In these days our region is invaded by tractors, carriages and grapes. I asked myself: “Hey Manu what’s happening?”. After a few seconds my brain connected that it’s harvest in Valpolicella, Valpantena, Soave, Custoza, Bardolino and on every hill of Verona the producers are working hard. In fact, yesterday Illy came back home few minutes later because a big tractor with a mountain of grapes on the back created a traffic jam.
In every street on the hills you can feel this event and the atmosphere is thrilling. Each producer has to pick up the grapes like a rush against the time because it is almost autumn here. I like harvest because the persons can touch the grapes, the result of one year work and many efforts. I like thinking that grapes will be on my table in a bottle with a nice label that catches my attention. But actually not so many people think how beautiful and special is the human contact with the grapes during the harvest.