Franciacorta sparkling white wine

As Illy announced, last Saturday we went to Franciacorta, a small region between Brescia and Bergamo, located south of Iseo Lake, a nice small romantic lake. This region increased its popularity in the last years thanks to its wines. There, wine is produced since hundreds of years but only in the last 30 years it became really famous for its sparkling white wine named Franciacorta. The wine is produced with the same method as Champagne, the classic method, and using the same grape varieties, mainly chardonnay and pinot noir. Certainly there is a difference but some Franciacorta are even considered at the same level of some Champagne. The reason of this success can be attributed to good entrepreneurs, right choices, high quality of wines and a good marketing.
Franciacorta is today one of my favorite wines. You can find many kinds of Franciacorta: Brut, Saten, Rosé and Millésimé.

You can choose from which of those you would like to start exploring Franciacorta!

Our Tastings:


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